• Renee M. Kramer

    Owner - Sales, breeding manager, directer of inside operations.
  • Michael W. Kramer

    Owner - Sales, farm manager, directer of outside operations.
  • The Berners

    Resident greeters.

Red Tail Arabians is located on 300 acres of prime Wisconsin horse country.

Origininally purchased in 1994 on 10 acres, Red Tail Arabians has grown to include: 200 acres of alfalfa and grass hay production as well as nearly 100 acres of pastures and paddocks.


"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." -James Dean

The farm is never truly finished. We always want to build one more pasture shelter, add one more paddock. Our first barn was 8 stalls. No heat, no groom stalls, and barely space enough for a little bit of tack and feed. Its the roof you see near the center of above image kind of tucked into the trees. Today we use it for hay storage. The original farm included this barn, the oak grove to the right of it, and the pasture towards the top of the trees. Everything else in this image was supposed to become a housing developement.